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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cultures for indulgent yogurts

Our Delvo®Fresh dairy cultures toolbox provides the flexibility to create low fat, low sugar indulgent yogurts and desserts, with authentic tasting ethnic dairy products and more creamy, flavorful fermented applications out of the same amount of milk.

Our Delvo®Fresh portfolio of cultures means you can innovate with no compromise on performance or quality of taste and mouthfeel.

Delvo®Fresh Sensation: Indulging the senses

  • A palette of cultures that allows innovation in premium yogurt and dessert manufacture
  • Create chocolate yogurt, frozen yogurt mousse or any other yogurt with reduced sugar and fat
  • Retain the luxury taste and texture of indulgent desserts like chocolate yoghurt, and creamy stirred yoghurt

Delvo®Fresh Pure : Natural goodness

  • A culture range used to develop a wide variety of ethnic dairy products like Greek yogurt, dahi and kefir
  • Creates authentic regional flavors
  • Allows regional preferences like natural stirred yogurt and Greek yoghurt to be produced on an industrial scale

Delvo®Fresh Proven : Do more with less

  • Cultures that can help output more dairy products like drinking yoghurt and buttermilk from the same amount of milk
  • No compromise on quality or stability
  • Works under the most challenging process and storage conditions