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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cultures for Greek and Indulgent yogurt

Cultures for Greek and Indulgent yogurt

Consumers’ love of Greek yoghurt and other indulgent yogurts is surging - and so too is their own unique way of enjoying it, from thick and creamy to milder or sweeter. Which is why we offer our Delvo®Fresh Greek Legends range of next-generation cultures for Greek-style yoghurt and any other indulgent, thick and creamy yogurt. It will give you the versatility to meet the consumers’ needs - and your own.

Distinguish on yogurt taste and texture

Our Delvo®Fresh Greek Legends cultures each have their own distinct properties and benefits - enabling you to distinguish on yogurt taste, texture, appearance and melt based on the preferences of your consumers – and all with the cleanest label possible.

For example, we can help you create a thick, high-protein Greek yoghurt with an authentic flavor as well as enhance the sweetness and creaminess in a high-fat indulgent yogurt, all based on your own unique production environment.

Our Greek Legends can even help extend the shelf life of yogurt thanks to low-post acidification of the cultures; as well as create a yogurt with probiotics inside.

And all this is supported by a knowledgeable global DSM team that understands yogurt - and the dairy market - inside out.


  • Boost flavor, texture, appearance and melt in Greek yoghurt and other indulgent, thick and creamy yogurts
  • Create legendary stability throughout shelf-life
  • Enhance your products’ health benefits with probiotics in one bag
  • Supported by an expert global team.