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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cultures for next-generation Quark

Quark is one of the industry’s great success stories. It is an attractive snack that is high in protein and low in sugar and fat. But as the global taste for Quark grows so too does demand for a smoother, more indulgent and milder tasting product – that manufacturers can produce faster, with optimized yields. Step forward to our Delvo®Fresh family of versatile dairy cultures.

Improve taste and texture of Quark

On the one hand Delvo®Fresh cultures enable you to custom-build a Quark product that meets a specific consumer need – whether it’s a smoother, creamier texture, or a milder and any other specific flavor. On the other hand Delvo®Fresh cultures unlock major commercial benefits in manufacturing. Our solution helps improving yield by shortening fermentation times by two hours and limiting post-acidification during the process.

Supported by our expert team, your quark product will be optimized and most appealing to consumers.


  • A versatile and proven family of cultures
  • Fastest fermentation time on the market
  • High stability during separation
  • All flavor variations possible
  • Optimized cost in use

Do you want to know more about the possible products and benefits of Delvo®Fresh for Quark? Please contact our experts