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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enzymes for food processing: nature’s great ingredients

When it comes to the potential of enzymes in foods and beverage production, they allow you to do more, faster, with less. From boosting baking and brewing, to empowering egg and fruit processors, to optimizing dairyoils & fats and confectionery, our portfolio of enzymes make it happen.

Benefits of enzymes in food production processes

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions. Enzymes are processing aids: the enzyme itself is not functional in the final product. DSM’s natural, easy-to-use food enzymes empower our customers to get more from raw materials; streamline production processes – and make a consistently high quality product that feels, looks and tastes great.


Dedicated to innovation

From the discovery of Amylase in 1906 to the launch of Brewers Clarex®, our 100+ years of innovation have made us a world leader in the formulation of new enzymes for the food industry. Brewers Clarex™ has enabled brewers to eliminate the costly cold stabilization process, lowering the carbon footprint by 8% at the same time. BakeZyme® MAM keeps bread soft and fresh for longer by delaying crumb staling during storage. Maxilact®, the leading lactase in the market, breaks down lactose to create lactose-free dairy products.




Better bread, cakes, crackers & cookies



Consistently higher quality beer at lower cost

Confectionery and Invert sugar


Produce pure invert sugar and enhance the shelf-life of confectionery products.



Dairy enzymes to improve all sorts of cheeses



Egg processing

Easier and more effective egg processing

Fruit processing enzymes small

Fruit & vegetable processing

More and clearer juice, faster processing, brighter color

Oils and fats

Oils & fats

Oilseed crushing & refining with maximum value