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BakeZyme® - Master your flour, control gluten strength

BakeZyme® Go Pure, master your flour, control gluten strength

The use of a glucose oxidase during the dough making process is well known within the bakery industry. Most common glucose oxidases on the market originate from Aspergillus sp. Recently, DSM developed a new glucose oxidase originating from Penicillium chrysogenum, called BakeZyme® Go Pure. BakeZyme® Go Pure allows for the dough to become elastic, maintaining its ability to stretch and creates new opportunities to use glucose oxidase as a tool for replacing chemical oxidizers (such as ADA or Bromate) or in applications such as frozen dough.
BakeZyme Go Pure

BakeZyme® AAA, enabling cost-effective production of bread

Fluctuating ascorbic acid prices can seriously affect the cost-efficiency of bread production – especially in developing countries.

Our BakeZyme® AAA enzyme solution enables you to combat this challenge by reducing ascorbic acid dosages in bread in a cost-effective way, while maintaining the texture and volume consumers love.

This latest addition to our leading BakeZyme® family is a well-balanced and thoroughly tested blend of baking enzymes that offers a cost-effective way to reduce ascorbic acid in bread – for all bread and flour types, and with a smooth, short transition of your production processes.

Rest assured, at DSM we continue to be driven to help you produce cost-effective and high-quality bread with no compromise on product texture and volume – thus enabling better food for everyone.


  • No compromise on product texture or volume
  • Consistent quality irrespective of flour and bread type
  • Supported by DSM’s application experts.


  • BakeZyme® Go Pure
  • BakeZyme® AAA


Acrylamide reduction up to 95% in baged goods



Bouncy bread at much lower cost



Consistent quality with premium taste