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CakeZyme® - Making cake with enzymes

More and more cake manufacturers across the world are discovering the cost-cutting, quality-improving and shelf life-extending potential of enzymes.
CakeZyme® - making cake with enzymes

For centuries, enzymes have helped bakers get more from their raw materials. By catalyzing biochemical reactions, these proteins unlock the power of traditional cake ingredients, such as egg, flour and fat. Easy-to-use and reliable, enzymes provide safe, controllable and predictable results.

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CakeZyme® Smart: For clever cost optimization

Every baker is looking to boost quality and efficiency while optimizing costs. Cake manufacturers are no exception.

Continuing economic difficulties and stressful lifestyles mean consumers crave that moment of indulgence more than ever before. What’s more, the highest level of enjoyment needs to be delivered at a competitive price.

CakeZyme Smart - cost optimization

Achieving consistent quality with every cake batch at minimum cost, is not easy. Bakers face an ongoing quest to produce a softer crumb, better mouthfeel and consistency; and extend shelf life.

At DSM, we understand the challenges you face every day – and have used our extensive industry knowledge to create CakeZyme® Smart – a reliable, cost-effective solution for enhancing cakes’ quality.

CakeZyme®Smart uses advanced lipase technology to offer the following benefits:

Cost optimization

CakeZyme® Smart improves the emulsifying properties of egg lecithin, optimizing egg usage plus lowering raw ingredient and handling costs.

Improved batter viscosity

With CakeZyme® Smart, you can achieve higher levels of aeration during mixing, which in turn increases batter viscosity and cake volume.

Finer crumb structure

By enabling better aeration during mixing, Cakezyme® Smart also has a positive impact on crumb structure.

Enhanced volume

CakeZyme® Smart helps maintain emulsion stability and batter viscosity during baking. The heat stability of emulsions made with CakeZyme® Smart is 10-20ºC higher than in standard cake recipes. This results in higher oven spring and enhanced cake volume.

Better initial softness

CakeZyme® Smart improves crumb softness when added to batter. Its unique action delays starch retrogradation, resulting in a softer crumb.

CakeZyme® Smart is suitable for a wide range of cakes, particularly pound cake and muffin formulations.

CakeZyme® Sublime: Softer cake, longer shelf life

With 27% of the world’s edible food wasted¹, it’s increasingly vital to deliver products that stay fresh for longer.

In cakes, freshness equals a fine crumb, airy taste and soft, bouncy texture. To extend shelf life and retain the qualities that consumers love, you might need a helping hand.

CakeZyme Sublime - softer cake, longer shelf life

DSM has harnessed its baking industry knowledge and enzyme expertise to create CakeZyme® Sublime – a solution for softness that lasts. With CakeZyme® Sublime you can make softer, longer-lasting cakes at a competitive price.

This specialty lipase uses advanced technology to release natural emulsifiers from fats and lipids in cake recipes. These emulsifiers prevent starch from firming up during storage - ensuring cakes stay fresher longer.

Key benefits:

  • Extended shelf life for cakes that retain freshly-made eating qualities
  • Increased consumer satisfaction
  • Simplified logistics and warehousing
  • Less waste
  • Suitable for a wide range of cakes types, including muffins, pound cakes, high- ratio cakes and sponges
1Source FAO
Emulsifier-free pound cake recipe

CakeZyme® Majestic: Superior softness that lasts longer

In order to save time and money, consumers are shopping less often than ever before. Cakes that retain a soft texture and fine crumb structure for longer can help shoppers reduce waste and stretch budgets further.

Cakezyme Majestic - superior softness

To bake cakes with freshness that lasts longer, bakers need to delay the onset of crumb firmness. CakeZyme® Majestic is the answer.

CakeZyme® Majestic combines lipase and amylase technology to produce cakes that maintain oven-fresh qualities over an extended shelf life.

Key benefits:

  • Softer cakes that go stale less quickly
  • Extended shelf life for cakes that retain freshly made eating qualities
  • Particularly suited to shortened or denser cakes, such as pound cakes
  • Increased consumer satisfaction
  • Simplified logistics and warehousing
  • Less waste
Pound cake recipe - changes to crumb firmness through shelf life

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