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Malt replacement: Barley beer with Brewers Compass®

Producing beer from unmalted barley is far easier, more reliable and cost-effective than you may have thought with our Brewers Compass® enzyme. Combined with the expertise of our global brew masters, it reduces your dependence on raw materials like malt by using enzymes to produce high quality barley beer at the lowest cost.
Unmalted barley, malt quality beer

Unmalted barley, malt quality beer

Brewers Compass removes your need for consistently high quality malt by replacing it with barley or other raw materials like rice or cassava: A flexible, versatile – and less expensive - alternative.

By using Brewers Compass you can achieve a high-quality beer with great foam, taste and clarity… and with the cost benefits of using unmalted barley in beer as a replacement for a percentage of malt range from 30-100% with barley grist.

Sustainable malt quality for beer

Brewing barley with Brewers Compass® also helps you improve sustainability. When brewing 100% barley using this solution the carbon footprint savings are typically over 60kg CO2 per T of barley used. Or to put that another way, if all the world’s brewers used this product to substitute malted barley for unmalted barley the carbon emission reductions would equal 768,000 trips around the world…


  • Reduces your dependence on malt
  • Compatible with unmalted barley with no compromise on quality
  • Increased brewing flexibility and reduces cost
  • Reduction in carbon emissions of 20% compared to malted barley
  • Easy-to-use liquid format
  • Supported by our team of global brew masters.

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