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Enzymes in confectionery & invert sugar production

Invertase is an enzyme which catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose and breaks it down into an equal molar mixture of glucose and fructose. The resulting product, invert sugar is used in many applications such as beverage and baking applications, but most commonly it is directly used in food processing such as confectionery to produce a soft fondant center. Learn how DSM’s Maxinvert® delivers excellent results for both invert sugar production and confectionery. The products kosher and halal certified.
Enzymes in confectionery & invert sugar production

Producing pure invert sugar

As a beet and cane sugar manufacturer, producing a pure invert sugar from sucrose is key to meet specific customer needs such as neutral taste.

Acid hydrolysis often faces challenges such as low conversion efficiency, high energy consumption, browning of the product and formation of by-products like carcinogenic HMF.

DSM’s Maxinvert® uses enzymatic hydrolysis and overcomes these challenges which helps you produce pure invert sugar without off taste.

Enzymatic inversion

Why use enzymatic hydrolysis?

Enzymatic hydrolysis or inversion is a natural process that eliminates browning and leads to reduced carcinogenic HMF formation. With enzymatic sugar inversion the amount of dry content can be increased, without increasing the crystallization. This leads to reduced water activity and therefore increased stability. 

It is compatible with high sucrose concentrations. Another advantage of enzymatic inversion is that it requires mild conditions and few chemicals.

Maxinvert® invertase enzyme

Maxinvert® is highly specific for sucrose inversion which uses enzymatic hydrolysis to produce invert sugar in a controlled and sustainable manner and thus enables you to produce pure end-products and reduce undesirable by-products. 

Maxinvert® benefits in invert sugar production

  • High degree of conversion
  • Pure invert sugar
  • No undesired by-products such as hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)
  • Sustainable alternative to chemical conversion
  • Enzymatically inverted syrup is less prone to browning during storage than acid inverted syrup

Controlling sugar crystallization and moisture using Maxinvert® invertase enzymes

Producers of confectionery with a soft, liquid center or fondant, marzipan need to control sugar crystallization & moisture content in order to maintain quality during shelf life. Fondant fillings in confectionery products can go hard and lose color quickly leading to short shelf life and losses.

The use of Maxinvert® enzymes allows processors to increase the humectant properties of sweet fillings, increasing moisture retention and ensuring that sucrose crystallization and hardening does not occur. In addition, these enzymatic solutions can be used to reduce the viscosity of sugar pastes and increase their elasticity to facilitate filling operations and portioning during processing.

Maxinvert® benefits in confectionary

  • Preserves texture and extends shelf life by:
    • increasing moisture retention
    • lowering water activity minimizing the drying out of confection
    • reducing crystallization by increasing the solubility
  • Enhances sweetness, flavor & color
  • Lowers viscosity leading to a softer product
  • Lowers freezing point

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