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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enzymes for egg processing

Today, egg processing enzymes are helping our customers produce delicious-tasting sauces, dressings and mayonnaise with better emulsification, higher viscosity and improved thermo-tolerance. And all with minimal use of chemical thickening agents and emulsifiers…
Enzymes for better egg processing

Why enzymes for egg processing?

Use egg processing enzymes like our MAXAPAL® and you can be assured of proven consistency as our enzymes are natural and not animal-based. The result: no dependency on the inconsistency and supply uncertainty of animal-derived Phospolipase products.

With expertise in enzymes stretching back more than 100 years we can help you achieve processing advantages and production efficiencies for enzyme modified egg, while tailoring products to match your consumers’ preference for taste, texture and nutritional content. 




Achieve firm texture & stability of sauces at high temperatures