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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Maxilact for reduced sugar in dairy

Hitting the sweet spot with lactose-free dairy products

If you want to reduce sugar in dairy products by up to 50% look no further than our Maxilact® family of lactose-free dairy enzymes. The result: Reduced-sugar dairy with a clean, fresh – and sweet - taste.

Reduce sugar in your dairy products

Maxilact provides the opportunity to meeting the needs of consumers looking for healthy and tasty dairy products and to reduce sugar in their diet.

Maxilact can be paired with sugar, sweeteners or stevia, breaking down lactose in the glucose and galactose to release natural sweetness – and delivering a sugar reduction ranging from 20 to 50%.

Sweet news indeed.


  • Maxilact reduces sugar in dairy products like flavored milks and sugared yogurts by up to 20%.
  • Also reduces sugar in dairy by up to 30% when paired with natural sweeteners, and 50% when used with stevia.
  • Delivers natural sweetness with a clean, fresh taste and no off-flavors.
  • Easy to process, with no crystallization.
  • Supported by 50 years’ experience in lactose  free applications and support. We offer you unrivalled people, processes and products.




Our lactose-free portfolio for milk, ice cream, whey drinks, yogurt.