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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Maxilact® Smart, the lactase with an impact on efficiency  

Are you looking for a faster production of your lactose-free dairy products while delivering the clean taste that consumers love? Maxilact® Smart is the fastest lactase on the market and is the latest addition to our Maxilact lactase range, all solutions for the growing lactose-free segment. It has on impact on your production and enables you to achieve a double-digit increase in production efficiency.

The impact on lactose-free dairy

Maxilact® Smart helps you meet the growing worldwide demand for lactose-free dairy in a sustainable – and profitable way. Maxilact® Smart reduces your carbon footprint and energy consumption. So, you can benefit even more from the stand-out health appeal of lactose-free, with no compromise on the clean taste that consumers enjoy.

Suitable for various applications and production methods

Whether you manufacture lactose-free milk, yogurt, or cheese, whether you add lactase before or after heat treatment, Maxilact® Smart fits.

Maxilact® Smart is developed by bright minds at DSM and it’s the latest in a series of innovations in lactose-free dairy that have made us the lactase market leader. Working with DSM guarantees a worldwide support by DSM’s dairy experts and give yourself an all-important competitive advantage.


Maxilact® Smart has an impact on:

  • Production efficiency: Achieve a double-digit increase by enabling faster production of for lactose-free dairy
  • Clean taste: Guaranteed clean taste that consumers love
  • High purity guaranteed by QC release on all relevant side activities and application tests 





Lactase for lactose free products with the longest lasting pure taste



Analyze residual lactose in dairy