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Obtain brighter and vibrant looking fruit juice

The juice of colored fruits like blackcurrants, sour cherries, cranberries, concord grapes and pomegranates is appreciated by consumers for its vibrant color and health benefits linked to high antioxidant and anthocyanin content. For this reason, juice consumption of these super fruits is growing at a fast pace. 
Extract more natural color and antioxidants from the fruit

DSM’s Rapidase Smart Color and Rapidase Pro Color enzymes have been specially developed for efficient processing of berry colored fruit juices and do not break down anthocyanin, ensuring the release of all of the fruit’s vibrant color and antioxidants. The Rapidase Color range helps to extract the maximum amount of juice, color and antioxidants from the fruit, especially from its skin. This enables Rapidase Color to deliver a brighter more vibrant-looking fruit juice, whilst maintaining juice quality.

Download this leaflet to see how Rapidase fruit enzymes works enabling higher color and antioxidant yield. 

Extract more natural color and antioxidants from your fruit

Maximum production efficiency
Rapidase Color enzymes help you achieve maximum yield by boosting press capacity and peak production capacity.

Maximum color and antioxidant yield
Rapidase Color helps to release and conserve over 90% of the color and taste components, antioxidants and anthocyans that are present in the colored fruit. This results in a bright colored fruit juice that contains the highest indulgence and health appeal.

Organic and natural
The manufacturing of Rapidase Pro Color is in line with non-GMO and organic certification regulations, making sure your fruit juices can be sold in the premium organic and natural market segments.

High quality juice
Rapidase Color ensures high clarity, good color and taste with limited oxidative browning. The juice’s vibrant colors are maintained over the full shelf-life.

Suitable for global trade
The application of the Rapidase® enzymes will ensure that all quality requirements from CODEX Alimentarius and EU fruit juice legislation are met. In addition, the products from DSM are Kosher and Halal certified.

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