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Obtain the highest yield apple juice

For apple juice processors looking for a solution to achieve high apple juice yields or maximum throughput during peak season, DSM’s Rapidase® Smart Plus range of fruit processing enzymes addresses these challenges whilst delivering consistently high quality juice.
Obtain the highest yield apple juice

Rapidase Smart Plus juice processing enzymes enable you to get the absolute maximum (95% juice) out of your fruits in the most sustainable and efficient way. These enzymes accelerate the separation of pomace, as well as the ultrafiltration of the final juice. All of this is realized without compromising juice quality, nutrition or color, so that you can offer a high quality apple juice produced at the most competitive price, wherever in the world.

Download this leaflet to see how Rapidase fruit enzymes work enabling maximum throughput and high quality apple juice.

Rapidase Smart Plus enables absolute maximum juice out of your fruits

Maximum yield
Superior juice extraction yield of up to 95%, the maximum extraction yield possible.

Maximum capacity
The low juice viscosity and compact pomace obtained during maceration ensure a maximum pressing speed and thereby maximum production capacity. The complete breakdown of residual polysaccharides and starch in the clarification stage ensures a high processing speed during ultrafiltration and final filtration.

Maximum robustness
The Rapidase enzymes will help you to obtain a consistent high yield and quality despite variations in your raw materials.

High quality juice
Deliver high quality, nutritional juice with great taste, good color and excellent clarity during shelf-life.

Suitable for global trade
The application of the DSM enzymes will ensure that all quality requirements from CODEX Alimentarius and EU fruit juice legislation are met. In addition, the products from DSM are Kosher and Halal certified and suitable for vegan and vegetarians.

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