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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve the firmness of fruits and vegetables

Consumers prefer food with an authentic look, taste and texture, in which individual ingredients can be clearly recognized and no artificial ingredients are used. Fruit and vegetable pieces convey the sensation of authenticity and indulgence in new food products like beverages, yogurt and baked goods like no other food ingredient. 
Obtain a great tasting and highly nutritious organic fruit juice

Rapidase FP Super and Rapidase PEP enzyme solutions help strengthen the natural fruit and vegetable structure without using artificial ingredients. This ensures that these fruit and vegetable pieces are kept firm and appealing, even after mechanical and thermal treatment, improving the overall sensory experience of the product. 

Download this leaflet to see how Rapidase fruit enzymes works enabling better fruit texture.

Rapidase enzymes enables better fruit texture and appearance

Maintain fruit piece identity
The Rapidase FP-Super and Rapidase PEP fruit and vegetable firming enzymes help to strengthen the fruit product during thermal and mechanical treatment.

Increase fruit puree viscosity
Fruit purees and nectars are rich in natural pectin’s. Treatment with Rapidase FP-Super activates these pectin’s, thereby greatly increasing the viscosity (up to 180%), and improving the natural mouthfeel and thickness of the puree.

Minimize color bleed
The Rapidase fruit firming enzymes help to reduce the color bleed in two important ways: The cell structure of the fruit is strengthened, reducing leaching of color components from the fruit into the white mass. Also, the viscosity and thickness of the fruit preparation is increased, resulting in reduced mixing with the white mass.

No need for artificial ingredients
Rapidase FP-Super and Rapidase PEP are processing aids which are free from all major food allergens. Therefore, the use of these products does not need to be labeled on the final food product. In addition, the use of the Rapidase enzymes allows you to avoid applying artificial texturizers and stabilizers to your recipe.

Organic and natural
The microorganism, raw materials and production process for the manufacture of the Rapidase FP-Super enzymes are in line with the regulations for organic and non-GMO certification in all major regions and markets.

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