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Enzymes for organic fruit juice

Organic fruit juices are gaining popularity amongst today’s more health-focused consumer. These consumers generally prefer a great tasting juice with high nutritional value, which is free from allergens and preservatives. DSM’s Rapidase® organic range of juice processing enzymes help you to cater to these needs in the most efficient and profitable way.
Obtain a great tasting and highly nutritious organic fruit juice

Our easy to use Rapidase organic range of enzymes helps you to meet the requirements of the organic and natural market whilst maximizing your yield and profitability in a sustainable manner. By using Rapidase, you can achieve a final yield of up to 90% given ideal conditions, 12% higher than in a process without the use of enzymes. The result is a great tasting, highly nutritious and certified organic juice products.

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Obtain a great tasting and highly nutritious organic fruit juice

Organic and natural
The Rapidase organic range of enzymes  are manufactured in line with the regulations for organic and non-GMO certification, making your fruit juice suitable for organic and natural market segments.

Allergen and preservative free
Our Rapidase organic range of enzymes are free from any food allergens and help you maintain a clean label product that doesn’t need allergen declarations.

High quality juice
Rapidase helps you process juice  with a high nutritional value, good color, excellent clarity and taste. It also ensures a low turbidity, both directly after manufacturing, as well as after storage.

Maximum yield
Juice extraction yield of 88-90% with a high processing speed can be achieved by using the Rapidase Press enzyme. This is the best possible yield of all organic enzyme preparations and it is 12% higher than can be obtained in a process without enzymes.

Suitable for global trade
The application of the DSM enzymes ensure that all quality requirements from CODEX Alimentarius and EU fruit juice legislation are met. In addition, the products from DSM are Kosher and Halal certified.

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