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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Rapidase fruit processing enzyme

Choose Rapidase® for your fruit and vegetable processing and you choose the most established and versatile enzyme brand in the industry. From boosting yield to depectinzation to improving texture, firmness and color…we make it happen
More and better juice with Rapidase

More value out of your fruits and berries

Our Rapidase portfolio is a proven and highly effective pectinase for fruit juice, helping our customers boost their filtration and clarification to produce crystal clear juice with a greater appeal to consumers. But this is only part of the story.

Our fruit processing enzymes can also help you with maceration and maximum extraction of product from the raw fruit – particularly in apples where a 95% yield is possible. You achieve all this with no compromise on the taste, consistency or nutritional value of your product. In fact Rapidase can help you intensify the color of juice and make fruit firmer and more appealing in applications like yoghurts.


  • Get more juice out of your apples, whatever the equipment used
  • Achieves complete depectinization for clear and appealing juice
  • Prevents haze in juices with complete starch degradation
  • Delivers consistent (and in some cases improved) texture and flavor
  • Better color extraction
  • Improved filtration processes.