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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enzymes for oil extraction: A better way

Using enzymes in oil processing is easier – and increasingly more established – than you might think. Our enzymes give you higher oil extraction yields and higher protein levels in your meal, enabling a significant increase in your profit . And it’s a more sustainable process.
Better use of seeds with oil degumming enzymes

Why enzymatic oil extraction?

Enzymatic degumming of vegetable oils is a more sustainable and economic alternative to both caustic refining or water degumming. It transforms the gums into oil and makes it easier to separate them in a more environment-friendly manner.

How does it work?

Our enzymes uncouple the oil and water-soluble parts of phospholipids, increasing oil yield by capture of diglycerides in the oil phase. With that, our enzymes dramatically reduce the gum volume and reduce their ability to form an emulsion. Less emulsion formation means less oil yield loss due to entrained oil, while a lower gum content means cleaner separation of oil from the heavy phases, further reducing yield loss.

Helping you improve your oilseed processing

The quest for improved oilseed processing is supported by our technical team, available worldwide – from Asia to the Americas to Europe. We have all the know-how you need for first time right implementations. And we do this in partnership with the leading oilseed technology engineering companies Alfa Laval and Desmet Ballestra.




A unique phospholipase degumming enzyme