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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Our cutting-edge, consumer-and-scientifically relevant nutraceutical ingredients add a powerful edge to your brands.
Woman with latex glove holding a small plant in a glass beaker

Today’s consumers are becoming more health and image-conscious than ever.

Our family of nutraceuticals enables you to help consumers perform at their peak – as well as coping with future health concerns - like cardiovascular disease and weight management.

Our nutraceuticals fit easily into people’s daily diet and offer positive, lifestyle-oriented wellness and nutritional benefits. That means feeling and looking good.

Learn more about our nutraceutical ingredients:

ALL-Q (Coenzyme Q10) logo

We offer two forms of ALL-Q™ (CoQ10) to release the full energy of CoQ10 for food supplements and fortification. More>

elaVida logo

elaVida™ is a superior olive polyphenol formulation with excellent handling characteristics and application performance in supplements, foods and beverages. More>

geniVida logo

geniVida® is a genistein-based ingredient. It offers documented short-term relief (menopause symptom relief) and long-term (bone health) benefits. More>


OatWell® logo

OatWell®, is the market-leading ingredient brand of oat beta glucan with clinically proven health benefits in the areas of cholesterol reduction, blood glucose control, gut health and weight management. More>

Tolerase® G logo

DSM’s unique enzyme Tolerase® G helps digest gluten and support your life style. More>

geniVida logo

For dietary supplements, an acid lactase that allows lactose intolerant people the freedom to enjoy dairy products. More>

Fruitflow logo

Fruitflow® is a breakthrough ingredient: The first natural, scientifically substantiated solution contributing to healthy blood flow. More>

PeptoPro logo

PeptoPro® is a highly advanced peptide formulation derived from dairy protein. More>


Fabuless logo

Fabuless® is a dietary product from DSM that triggers the natural appetite control mechanism known as the ‘ileal brake’. More>


Teavigo logo

Uncork the health benefits of red wine with resVida®, a dietary and food ingredient from DSM. More>