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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Fabuless® is a dietary product from DSM that triggers the natural appetite control mechanism known as the ‘ileal brake’.

By delaying hunger signals it helps consumers feel more satisfied than they would have been – which means they eat less.

Fabuless® is a patented oil-in-water emulsion that can be added in its liquid form to dairy applications and ready-to-drink shakes; or in its spray-dried form to powdered beverage mixes.

Fabuless® fine oil droplets are made from naturally occurring dietary lipids - palm oil, coated with galactolipids from oat oil. Oat oil is naturally very rich in so-called polar lipids, such as galactolipids.


Adding a new, safe and complementary strategy to weight control

Fabuless® offers a range of benefits:

  • Unique, patented lipid emulsion for satiety
  • All natural
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Labelled as ‘fractionated vegetable oils’
  • Proven efficacy
    • The most scientifically substantiated weight management ingredient
    • Clear dose-response effect.
  • Safe
    • Works through the body’s natural appetite control mechanism
    • No side effects.
  • Fabuless® helps users to:
    • Eat less
    • Reduce body fat during or after dieting
    • Support weight management efforts.

In all it’s a new approach to weight management for healthcare practitioners, doctors and dieticians.

Image of Fabuless dosages


Recommended dosage of Fabuless® is five grams per serving.

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Fabuless® has a proven track record, having featured in highly successful product launches all over the world. Our technical team can work closely with you supported by our Nutrition Innovation Center. They use our network of laboratories, pilot plants and sensory analysis facilities to validate the formulation at every stage of the product development process.