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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Food protection products

Food preservation products against bacteria, mold and yeast

Protect food against bacteria, mold and yeast with our family of natural preservatives. They put you in control of your processes and protect your food with no effect on taste, color or smell. And all with greater efficiency. Or use our range of protective cultures to combat mold and yeast in fresh dairy.  
Protecting food and beverage products from spoilage

Food preservation and food ripening

Our food preservation products help you with both food preservation and food ripening – combating bacteria, molds and yeast across applications ranging from dairy and meat to beverages and baking. Download our overview of preservation solutions.

Natural preservatives

Because our food preservation ingredients are based on natural sources you can classify them as natural preservatives on your labels. Of course different countries have different rules on the classification of natural ingredients – which is another area where you can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of our global team.

Prevent mold in fresh dairy products

Our protective cultures are a clean label solution for fresh dairy. They reduce mold and add valuable days to your products’ shelf life.

Note: Regulatory status for various products varies around the world: If you enquire we would be delighted to update you in the latest status.

Preservation products



Stop the growth of bacteria in heat-processed food



Protect food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives

DelvoCoat small


Cheese coating preservative based on Natamycin



Prevent late blowing in cheese and spoilage in wine



A natural cheese ripening method with no coating needed



Protect your dairy products and extend shelf life



thumb-Prevent mold

Prevent mold

Prevent yeast and mold with our natural preservatives


Prevent bacteria

Antibacterial products for processed foods

thumb-Ripen cheese

Ripen packaged cheese

Increase margins with a perm-selective film for natural ripening cheese

food waste thumb

Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

thumb-Food safety

Ensure food safety

Food safety means being in control of your process