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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Natural cheese coating with Delvo®Coat

Delvo®Coat (also known as Vascoplast®) is our liquid cheese preservative based on the proven, natural ingredient natamycin. It kills all known yeasts and molds; is backed by some 45 years of knowledge and innovation; and is ideal for your cheese and meat applications.

Your unique needs are at the heart of our cheese coating solutions – which are based on flexible and quick product development supported by extensive application expertise and technical advice. Whether you apply your coatings by hand or machine; or non-sticky coatings...we can optimize that process for you. We can even optimize the color of your coatings to suit your brand and consumers – and we do it naturally. 

Delvo®Coat protective cheese coating

Our natamycin-based cheese coating formula with PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) features a mechanical protective plastic coating that offers complete surface protection against yeasts and molds during cheese ripening. We can even change its color, depending on your needs. 

Delvo®Coat L liquid cheese coating

This aqueous natamycin-based formula is used by our customers in a spray or dip format to control yeasts and molds in cheese processing. Again, it can be customized with (edible) colors to make your final product more attractive.


  • Based on natamycin and proven against all known yeasts and molds
  • Tailored to the needs of the cheese producer
  • Flexible and quick product development
  • Available in returnable containers
  • Formulated with the latest (patent protected) ingredients
  • Technical support and advice based on 45 years’ experience

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