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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Taste you can build on

Our process flavors cover many cooking styles and taste directions - and while they vary in intensity and complexity, every one of these flavor ingredients gives you outstanding quality and consistency for food that tastes and feels real. Aside from a broad portfolio of classical process flavors, we also have a unique range of all-natural process flavor functionality ingredients.
Beef burger

Different people love different food – which is why our range of process flavors is available in different concentration levels and various taste directions to cater for broad local tastes. 

Thanks to bright science like our unique reactor technology and various other patented techniques we can create intense flavor profiles across different parts of the taste pyramid. What’s more, these ingredients can deliver up to nine times more intensity than competitive ingredients. 

Pure profiles

The flavor profiles are pure. They have very little batch variation; and when combined with our integrated low sodium toolbox they can help you achieve major salt reduction, while remaining totally allergen free. 

Whether it’s beef, pork or poultry-like flavors; or the taste of a classic roast, our ingredients combine uniquely to create truly sumptuous savory products. It really is… taste you can build on.


Savory maxagusto thumb


Taste and aroma of freshly fried garlic, onion and spices.



Get authentic flavor into your food.