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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Delvotest®: The test you can rely on

Fourty years ago DSM introduced Delvotest®, an easy-to-use, reliable, antibiotic residue test for Farmers, Dairies and Milk Control Laboratories.
The antibiotic residue kit you can rely on.

Today, Delvotest®  is the gold standard for antibiotic residue testing in the global dairy industry.

Delvotest® provides all players in the dairy value chain the confidence to meet increasingly stringent global legislation and quality demands.

Delvotest® detects the broadest spectrum of antibiotic residues in every kind of milk – cow, sheep, goat,buffalo – as well as in dairy products.

Testing costs are negligible compared to quality issues and the costs associated with contaminated milk. Delvotest® provides a low cost, insurance for the dairy industry.

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Delvotest® Fast

For reliable antibiotic residue testing


Delvotest for Farmers

Reliable antibiotic residue testing  for the professional farmer


Delvotest for Dairies

The industry’s gold standard in antibiotic residue testing


Delvotest for Milk Control laboratories

Reach maximum throughput in testing for antibiotic residues