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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Delvotest® for Farmers

Delvotest® help ensure that the milk Farmers supply to the Dairies is free from antibiotic residues. By testing on individual cow level, Farmers will not run the risk of contamination on bulk tank level, preventing the unnecessary destruction of milk. Testing costs are negligible compared to the costs involved with quality issues or of a single fine, providing Farmers a low cost insurance for their business.

Delvotest® -  the industry’s gold standard in antibiotic residue testing in milk

Delvotest® is easy to use and covers the broadest spectrum of antibiotic residues in the industry. It is known for its reliability  and accuracy with detection levels closest to Maximum Residue Levels. Therefore, Delvotest® is chosen as the national reference test in most countries worldwide

Delvotest® range benefits:

  • Microbial and fast tests which can be used complementary, throughout the whole milk supply chain
  • High reliability and accuracy - low number of false results
  • Detection of the widest range of antibiotics
  • Unique microbial test with high sensitivity on tetracyclines
  • Detection of antibiotic residues close to international standards
  • AFNOR & AOAC certified and  national reference test in most countries

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