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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


Savory taste with tradition

Balance a clean bouillon taste in a wide range of savory applications with our primary grown autolysed baker’s yeast extract Gistex®. It helps to build a savory taste foundation without adding specific flavour notes.
Bowl of chicken and vegetable soup


  • Contributes to the overall savoury taste in soups, sauces, broths, stocks and bouillons
  • Natural source of glutamic acid
  • Clean label
  • Nutritious: high degree of free amino acids and vitamin B
  • Provides precursors for Maillard reaction-based process flavours
  • Kosher Circle K and Halal certified
  • Liquid, powder, paste, low salt and 38% salt versions available

Relevant products

Gistex HUM

Gistex HUM LS

Build high umami taste foundation.

Savory noodles thumb


Natural ingredient to bring out savory taste and flavor.

cost reduction


Rich savory and umami flavor plus salt reduction.



Get authentic flavor into your food.

Savory maxagusto thumb


Taste and aroma of freshly fried garlic, onion and spices.