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Gistex® HUM LS: build umami taste foundation

The introduction of Gistex® HUM LS, the latest addition to our range of highly versatile Gistex® yeast extracts, provides you with the ideal starting point for the development of full-flavoured savoury products. A natural, versatile yeast extract, Gistex® HUM LS provides a complex umami taste perception and powerful bouillon taste to a diverse range of savoury applications.
Two pieces of meat with various sauces

High impact taste

Derived from natural bakers’ yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, this new, low sodium yeast extract offers a consistently high quality, rounded savoury taste foundation on which to build and create distinctive culinary products. It forms step one of our unique building block approach which enables us to assemble taste profiles according to your requirements.

Gistex® HUM LS is suitable for a wide range of savoury applications from gravies and sauces to ready meals and snacks. It imparts a variety of flavour characteristics, according to the end product application. These include sweet, peppery and salty notes as well as meaty succulence and juiciness.

Keeping it clean

Gistex® HUM LS is a natural solution. It is also vegetarian, Kosher and Halal certified, allergen-free and can be listed as a ‘yeast extract’ on product labels.

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