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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Cost & production efficiency

We empower customers to do more with less by reducing costs, improving production processes and making the very most of natural resources. Our special ingredients allow you to boost yield from raw materials by processing wheat, malt, fruits, seeds and eggs in a smarter way.

For example, dough and fruit pomace is far less sticky, while cheese ripens faster – thanks to our packaging innovation. And importantly, our enzymes help you produce consistently high quality products all year round, regardless of harvest fluctuations.


Reduce brewing costs

Save costs by more efficient beer production


Boost beer margins

Increase profitability and boost margins of different beer types


Optimize oil degumming

Higher oil yield with less energy/water consumption


Increase oil yield

Increase yield of degummed and refined seed oils

Fruit Enzymes_Apple juice industrial_man_landscape_web_80

Process fruits faster

Achieve a 10% increase in yield

Organic apple juice1liggend_web_80

Get more juice from fruit

Increase fruit yield by two percent

cost reduction

Add flavor, cut cost

Get maximum flavor for low cost

thumb-Ripen cheese

Ripen packaged cheese

Increased margins with new ripening technology

thumb-Prevent food waste

Reduce food waste

Prevent food waste and save money

heat stability small

Extend shelf life of processed eggs

Higher heat stability with less oil separation

scoopability small

Improve emulsification of eggs

Prevent the oil droplets from coalescing

Wholemeal bread with no extra gluten added

Manage bread and milling costs

Replace expensive ingredients

Muffins with a finer crumb structure

Manage cake costs

For pound cakes and muffins

Gear up to produce more fresh dairy

Gear up to produce more fresh dairy

Get more out of your milk