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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Solve Brewing Capacity Issues

Do you find it challenging to meet seasonal acute increases in demand or just-in-time delivery. Or are you struggling to increase capacity within the current setup of your brewery? We can help you easily increase your production capacity, by speeding up your stabilization time from days to minutes and decreasing your beer filtration cycle lengths. 
Optimizing the quality of malt or other raw materials

Maximizing your brewing capacity

Brewers Clarex® enables increase in capacity and throughput performance by removing the deep cooling step in stabilization, buying you time to enable flexible supply. In fact several breweries in Europe have been able to shorten their stabilization time from days to less than an hour, thanks to the application of Brewers Clarex. And as it doesn’t have to be filtered out and no rinsing is needed, beer loss is reduced. Furthermore it’s a simple to apply solution which needs no big investment and has no impact on beer (taste or foam) quality.

We can help you to easily and swiftly increase your production capacity and throughput performance, through a combination of our unique high-performing products and our global team of brew masters who work side-by-side with you, ‘on the ground’ to achieve your targets.

We do this by working closely with customers on a day-to-day basis, supported by world-class facilities and unique products. We offer global production facilities in France, China and the United States, supported by our beer application centers, in the Netherlands and China.




Consistently higher quality beer at lower cost




Brewers Clarex

Beer stabilization technology eliminating cold stabilization process


Brewers Compass

Produce high quality beer with unmalted barley