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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Innovate in brewing

Innovation is essential for higher beer margins – and that’s what we help our customers achieve through our versatile brewing portfolio. Whether you’re looking to produce gluten-free beer; to partially replace malt with barley/adjunct; or to use completely new ingredients and flavors…we’ll work with you to produce it consistently and effectively. The result: A premium product at a competitive cost.
Replace malt with barley/adjunct or to use completely new ingredients

Improve beer profitability

Market demand for different beer types and styles – such as gluten free beer and flavor added beer – is growing rapidly around the world. And it represents a golden opportunity for brewers to expand market share and create a genuine competitive advantage.

Our portfolio of brewing enzymes can help you replace expensive ingredients like malt, or brew with new combinations of ingredients like unmalted barley – without compromising on beer quality such as flavor and foam. We also have solutions to help you brew gluten-free beer.




Consistently higher quality beer at lower cost




Brewers Clarex

Beer stabilization technology eliminating cold stabilization process


Brewers Compass

Produce high quality beer with unmalted barley