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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Gearing up to produce more dairy products

Consumers’ appetite for all manner of healthy and delicious dairy products has never been greater. To meet demand, our unique spectrum of culture solutions allows you to increase your product yield from the same amount of milk, without any compromise to quality. We can also help enhance your plant efficiency by improving production speed and consistency and guaranteeing stability even under the toughest conditions.

Drinking yogurt to go

Drinking yogurt is fast becoming an affordable healthy daily snack. But retaining product freshness is all important – especially if it can’t always be stored refrigerated. By using our Delvo®Fresh cultures, there is only mild post acidification over shelf life. Taste, meanwhile, remains deliciously creamy, with a short rich texture and required mild yogurt flavor.


Like all good things, traditional buttermilk cannot be rushed. But its natural process can be accelerated by clever use of Delvo®Fresh. This encourages the real authentic creamy buttermilk flavor to sing through while taking industrial fermentation time constraints into account.  It can also be used in low fat recipes, for reconstructed milk-based buttermilk and in conquering the challenges of milk showing quality variation over the year.



Fresh Dairy

Flexible culture solutions that move yogurt into the future.





The portfolio for all things yoghurt and beyond