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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Get more juice from fruit

We can help you get more juice from fruits like apples - optimizing your fruit yield by up to two percent more than traditional enzymes.
Get more juice with less effort

More juice

Getting more juice from your fruits is good for profit – and planet. For example, in a factory pressing 1,500 apples per day, our Rapidase® Smart fruit processing enzyme is helping customers produce 25 000 liters more juice compared to some traditional enzymes – with a major reduction in waste.

95% of juice extraction

By using Rapidase Smart for processing apples with a horizontal press you can achieve a final yield of up to 95% after leaching (and up to 96% given ideal conditions). In other words, the maximum theoretical yield from the apple as it’s non-extractable (or solid) content is usually 3 to 4 % of the fresh apple weight.


Get more juice from your apples

Apples & pears

Enzymes that get more juice from apples and pears

More juice or firmer structure of your vegetables


Improve your vegetable processing and yield



More and better juice with Rapidase


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