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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve emulsification of egg yolks

For improved egg emulsification, use our MAXAPAL® ingredient. This egg processing enzyme will help you produce better emulsified egg yolk, which means thicker, creamier dressings and mayonnaise that consumers find tastier – and easier to pour and scoop.
Improve emulsification of egg yolks with DSM enzymes

Enzyme modified egg yolk

The bright science behind MAXAPAL®A2 is based on a liquid, purified, phospholipase A2 enzyme that converts the natural emulsifiers found in egg yolks - known as phospholipids - into a stable lysophospholipid molecules. This in turn boosts the emulsifying properties of egg yolk holding sauces together at higher temperatures.

By using our enzymes you reduce - or even eliminate – your reliance on synthetic emulsifiers and thickeners: Good for people, planet and profit.

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Egg processing

Produce a consistently firm, creamy, high quality product



Achieve firm texture & stability of sauces at high temperatures