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Lean brewing

If you’re looking to improve your brewing efficiency but reaching your limits in the optimization of your current brew house setup. Or if you are trying to reach your lean targets, but worried about changing anything in your process, because of affecting the beer quality, then look no further than our range of brewing enzymes.
Optimizing the quality of malt or other raw materials

Lean Brewing Solution

We’ve taken lean brewing with enzymes to the next level with products like Brewers Clarex®. This unique patented enzyme streamlines stabilization, by avoiding the formation of haze and thus allowing you to skip the deep cooling step, shortening your stabilization time from days to minutes and reducing beer, water and energy losses. In fact, several breweries in Europe have been able to shorten their stabilization time from days to less than an hour, thanks to the application of Brewers Clarex.

Because Brewers Clarex is applied easily as a liquid, there is no need for powder filtration aids (PVPP or Silica Gels), reducing the risk of oxygen introduction and supporting first time right results. Furthermore it’s easy to apply to any brewing process, it needs no big investment and has no impact on beer (taste or foam) quality.

Supporting you, whatever the brewing challenge

You can increase your brewing efficiency through a combination of our unique high-performing products and our global team of brew masters who work side-by-side with you, ‘on the ground’ to achieve your lean targets.

We do this by working closely with customers on a day-to-day basis, supported by world-class facilities and unique products. We offer global production facilities in France, China and the United States, supported by our beer application centers, in the Netherlands and China.





Consistently higher quality beer at lower cost




Brewers Clarex

Beer stabilization technology eliminating cold stabilization process


Brewers Compass

Produce high quality beer with unmalted barley