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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Efficient bread production

With the help of our baking enzymes you can achieve more efficient bread production, specifically by correcting flour, replacing gluten and eliminating certain additional ingredients.
Wholemeal bread with no extra gluten added

Dough strengthening

Reduce costs by up to 70% with our Panamore Golden® baking enzyme for dough strengthening, which unlocks the natural potential of lipids in flour. Compared to DATEM, Panamore improves dough stability and process tolerance, crust appearance and oven spring - and increases volume, all the while significantly reducing costs.

Gluten replacement for bakers

If you produce wholemeal or baguette bread, then you depend on adding extra vital wheat gluten. BakeZyme GO (Glucose Oxidase) helps you combat this need by strengthening the gluten already within the wheat. This not only saves money, but also improves bread volume and crumb structure, creating a product with a nice oven spring and bloom.

Our enzymes also make dough more manageable and less sticky, enabling faster, more efficient bread production.

Flour correction for millers

For millers, our enzymes correct flour and reduce your reliance on high protein wheat - all supported by our baking experts who help you get the very most from your raw materials.


Baking better bread with DSM enzymes


Better looking and tasting bread

Produce flour of higher quality


For consistent high flour quality


Achieve higher and more consistent bread quality with Panamore


Bouncy bread at much lower cost