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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

CakeZyme®: For efficient cake production

You can achieve more efficient cake production in various ways by using our enzymes. The result: A high quality, truly indulgent product at the best possible cost – for you and your consumers.
Muffins with a finer crumb structure

Achieve better cake efficiency

More and more manufacturers are turning to enzymes for tackling some of the defining challenges in the cake industry. In fact, our customers are now benefitting from cakes that stay fresher and softer longer with less need for that most expensive of raw ingredients – eggs - and the associated handling and logistical costs.

Improved cake emulsification

CakeZyme® Smart boosts the emulsifying properties of egg lecithin, converting it into lyso-lecithin and thus optimizing egg usage by up to 20 per cent. CakeZyme® Smart will improve your cakes – particularly pound cakes and muffins – by increasing batter viscosity to produce a finer crumb structure and a more refined texture – as well as a higher cake volume.

Using CakeZyme® Majestic and Sublime allows you to achieve great softness, freshness and quality of the cake with no need for other ingredients.


Soft and indulgent cake that stays fresh for longer


Get that 'oven fresh' feel


Scientific approach to baking cakes


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