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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Faster fruit processing

One of the keys to optimizing your fruit production is speed. Our fruit processing enzymes help you achieve faster processing - especially important for fresh fruits and vegetables with short production windows.
Optimize your fruit and vegetable processing

Improve fruit processing capacity

It’s simple. By using our enzymes you can upgrade factory capacity by allowing more fruit to be loaded, which in turn releases machines faster.

Specifically, you can achieve a higher press loading and higher press capacity/h resulting in 10% more apple juice. But that’s not all: Our enzymes made for cleaner, less messy production - for example, producing less pomace stickiness – which in turn means fast emptying and cleaning of the press. They also deliver simpler handling, storage and drying necessary for valorization.

Faster fruit filtration

We can help you optimize fruit production even further at the filtration stage of applications like clear apple juice. When you use our enzymes the ultra-filtration flux rate increases – which means less blocking of the filter, fewer time delays, less waste - and less energy consumption.


Get more juice from your apples

Apples & pears

Enzymes that get more juice from apples and pears

More juice or firmer structure of your vegetables


Improve your vegetable processing and yield



More and better juice with Rapidase


Our leading fruit processing enzyme