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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Reduce brewing costs

We help you reduce brewing costs by making beer production more efficient (and therefore more sustainable). Just one example is our Brewers Clarex® enzyme, which helps to generate savings of up to 100,000 euros per million hectoliters of beer produced coupled with an 8% reduction in carbon emissions.
Optimizing the quality of malt or other raw materials

Cost savings for brewing

You can achieve cost savings in beer production through a combination of our unique high-performing products and our global team of brew masters who work side-by-side with you, ‘on the ground’ to achieve your targets.

It could be assessing the quality of your malt or other raw materials from season to season to identify the exact mix of enzymes needed to deliver consistent quality beer; or it could be managing the processing time in your plants worldwide to increase return on investment.

Whatever the challenge we can help, supported by our Innovation Centers in the Netherlands and China, with brewing application laboratories working hand-in-hand with leading breweries across the globe.




Consistently higher quality beer at lower cost




Brewers Clarex

Beer stabilization technology eliminating cold stabilization process


Brewers Compass

Produce high quality beer with unmalted barley