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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Solutions for Ripening cheese.

Naturally ripened cheese can be achieved today in ways you might not have realised. Today we work with cheese manufacturers to preserve their products using both our established natamycin-based solutions like Delvo®Coat and Vascoplast®; and our breathable cheese breathable membrane concept, Pack-Age® - a true first in the industry. The result: Food that tastes better and lasts longer with less waste and inefficiency.
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Mold prevention in cheese

We know that protecting cheese while allowing nature to take its ripening course is one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers. But it’s not unsolvable. 

A tried, tested and proven way to protect against yeast and molds during ripening is our Delvo®Coat coating. It’s a customized coating solution containing natamycin, a natural and 100% safe ingredient and can be easily adapted to different cheeses and cheese-making processes. 

The bright science behind it centers on the coating, which provides a mechanical protection layer that enables water evaporation with no effect on taste. In fact, in some cases it actually improves the product’s appearance. It’s also a highly versatile solution – available in matt and gloss formats with different colors and transparencies.

High tech packaging solution for natural cheese ripening

Pack-Age® is a high tech packaging solution for natural ripening of cheese. This remarkable solution envelops the cheese with a moisture permeable, breathable membrane that allows the cheese to ripen naturally, but without the risk of mould and yeast growth.

The result: A naturally ripened cheese with a mature taste and firm texture – and a significant yield improvement on traditional coated cheese of up to 10%.


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Anti-mold & -yeast products for cheese preservation





Protect food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives

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Cheese coating preservative based on natamycin



A natural cheese ripening method with no coating needed