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Essentials for healthy aging    

Add more life to years!
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We provide a family of solutions that can support the aging consumer’s healthy lifestyle. These solutions help to keep the body running smoothly, maintain a healthy heart, maintain mobility and sustain mental performance.

These solutions help to:

  • Keep the body running smoothly – through multivitamins
  • Maintain a healthy heart, thanks to coenzyme Q10, the active ingredient in DSM’s All-Q™
  • Prolong life itself, through resveratrol, found in our resVida® solution
  • Maintain mobility, for example using i-flex™, DSM’s proprietary rosehip-derived solution
  • Sustain mental performance, through antioxidants like β-Carotene and floraGLO® lutein.
Healthy aging
Good nutrition boosts cognition and mental performance, from infants to seniors:
Aging affects everyone

Healthy aging is all about:

  • Keeping the body running smoothly
  • Maintaining mental performance
  • Staying active to get the most out of life.
The worldwide boom in the number of older people means that healthy aging products will enjoy increasing popularity
Supplying the right mix of micronutrients supports healthy aging
Omega-3 maintains heart health in the aging consumer
The all-natural rosehip extract i-flex® soothesachy joints in seniors
Anti-oxidants help reduce oxidative stress, which is associated with aging

resVida® 99% trans-resveratrol is a promising new healthy aging ingredient

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