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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Essentials for life

Essential nutrients are a solid foundation for health at every stage of your life.
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We view creating awareness around essential nutrition as both a responsibility and an opportunity – because when good business equals public health benefit, everyone wins.


Under-consumption of nutrient-rich foods creates subtle nutrient gaps. Even with the help of a nutritionist, it can be difficult to meet recommended nutrient intakes every day. And while these gaps are not serious enough to cause acute deficiency symptoms, they do have adverse health effects such as poor pregnancy outcomes, fatigue and irritability, stunted growth or mental development, susceptibility to infections, and vulnerability to chronic diseases.


Nutritional insurance is good business!
Daily use of dietary supplements and fortified foods is becoming accepted by consumers around the world
Nutrient shortfalls are commonplace – in rich and poor, young and old, male and female, urban and rural
Helping people fill nutritional gaps is good business AND good citizenship

DSM can help you develop a nutritional solution for every market niche:

  • Women’s formulas to promote good general health and readiness for possible pregnancy
  • Senior formulas to promote mental and physical health
  • Immune-power blends to help fend off infections
  • Age-busting formulas to strengthen the body against chronic diseases
  • Children’s and adolescents’ formulas to meet the needs of growing bodies and minds.