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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Guard your heart

Help protect the heart and optimize blood flow, cholesterol and blood pressure.  
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Consumers have moved beyond eating food just for nourishment; they see functional foods and supplements as an integral part of reducing heart disease risk.

At DSM we therefore offer a range of solutions that meet this need.

Heart and blood vessel malfunction doesn’t happen overnight; it builds from years of damage to the heart muscle and arteries.

Prevention is the key to keeping the heart free of problems. A healthy, active lifestyle is the first step to cardiovascular fitness. Add effective weight management and good nutrition, and up to 80 percent of cardiac risk can be prevented.

Healthy heart means healthy life
Heart health is one of the biggest health concerns worldwide
Diet and lifestyle modifications favorably influence the overall risk of cardiovascular disease
It is well accepted that nutritional ingredients help maintain heart health, enabling consumers to continue their active lifestyle as they grow older

DSM offers a broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality nutrients for heart health, backed by science:

  • A range of ingredients with long history of clinical research and well known by consumers such as omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins B, D and E
  • Exciting innovative products like Fruitflow®, and resVida® to support healthy blood vessels and circulation.