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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve your gut health

Maintain a healthy gut and microbiome.
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After a lifetime of work, Hippocrates concluded that all disease begins in the gut. Considered as the basis for good health, gut health is a growing topic of interest for consumers around the world.

At DSM, we offer a wide range of solutions that address the key components of a healthy gut:

Healthy digestion:
Our solutions support optimal nutrient breakdown and effective breakdown of ‘undesirable’ food components (e.g. lactose in lactose intolerant persons)
Healthy microbial flora:
This means having the right microorganisms and feeding those microorganisms with the right foods
Healthy gut wall:
We offer a range of solutions to support healthy gut function. A healthy gut wall plays a key role as a barrier to protect the body from damage while also interacting with the immune system and the brain. The gut wall also accommodates the majority of the gut endocrine system that is pertinent in the control of satiety, blood glucose and many other metabolic functions.

DSM offers a broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality nutrients for gut health, backed by science and our Quality for Life™ promise:

Digestive Enzymes:
  • Tolerase® L and Maxilact®:  Allows lactose-intolerant people to enjoy dairy freely
  • Tolerase® G: Helps digest residual gluten (available in the US only)
Nutraceutical ingredients:
  • OatWell®: A dietary fiber with proven benefits for a healthy gut and bowel function, as well as prebiotic effects
  • resVida® reservatrol: Supports intestinal immunity for a healthy gut wall
  • Fabuless®: Supports healthy gut endocrine function
  • Prebiotics and probiotics, like Culturelle® supplements
Vitamins A, B2, biotin, niacin, C, D and E
Nutritional Lipids (PUFAs)
Customized premixes