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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Strengthen your bones

Using our portfolio of active ingredients to build bones throughout life.
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We offer several solutions for building bone strength including vitamin D and geniVida®, our pure genistein product.

Osteoporosis - often called the ‘silent thief’ because it can develop with no symptoms – causes gradual weakening of the bones, leading to fractures, immobility and a terrible quality of life for many sufferers.

One of the keys to reducing the risk of osteoporosis and poor bone health is through good nutrition.

At DSM we can help stop the silent thief.

Strong bones mean strong business
Bone health is a top consumer health concern
The market for bone health products is increasing due to the aging population
Supporting bone health is important during all stages of life, so start young!
Vitamin D deficiency is re-emerging and is a threat to bone development
Preventing osteoporosis is key for good bone health

DSM has the nutritional solutions to support bone health:

  • Vitamin D and calcium work together to build and maintain bone
  • Vitamin D also contributes to reducing bone fractures by reducing falls
  • Specific vitamins and minerals complement vitamin D and calcium
  • geniVida® reduces hot flashes and enhances bone building.

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