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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Protect against pathogens

From nisin formulated in our Delvo®Nis range to our lysozyme based Delvo®Zyme family, we help you tackle bacteria in your foods, reducing waste and protecting both consumers’ health - and your brand. 

Tackling bacteria in food

As a manufacturer you want (and need) to be in control of your production processes. However, we know first hand that controlling bacteria during production can be complex. 

Aside from pathogenic bacteria we’ve found there are many so-called harmless bacteria that while ‘safe’ to eat, can still have a detrimental affect on the taste and smell of food. Meanwhile, bacteria are often essential to produce products (like yoghurts, cheese, ripened meat). In these situations it’s a case of knowing how to stimulate the good bacteria…and control the bad.

Nisin: The bacteria killer

Every process cheese producer has a pasteurization step to ensure the delivery of a clean and safe product. However, as our customers were discovering, clostridium and bacillus spores can survive this pasteurization process and grow out during the product’s shelf life.

Our response was simple: Delvo®Nis. This natural preservative is added before pasteurization; and because it’s heat stable the product kills potential spore formers during the shelf life – thus ensuring a safe and microbial-stable end product.

Lysozyme cracks the late blowing challenge

When it comes to tackling the ‘late blowing’ effect in cheese and proliferation of wine, we developed Delvo®Zyme. As ever, our inspiration came from nature itself: The active ingredient is based on an enzyme called Lysozyme, naturally found in egg white.


thumb-Cheese protection


Anti-mold & -yeast products for cheese preservation

thumb-Fermented milk protection

Fermented milk products

Extend shelf life in fermented milk products

Baking protection


Prevent yeast & mold in baked goods

thumb-Meat protection


Preserve meat with our Natamycin solutions

Beverages protection


Replace sorbate in unpasteurized drinks





Stop the growth of bacteria in heat-processed food



Prevent late blowing in cheese and spoilage in wine