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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Taste, appeal & indulgence

We’ve developed a range of special enzymes, cultures, yeast extracts and process flavors that enable you to create products that taste, look and feel better.

But that’s only half the story: Our products also allow manufacturers to reduce or replace unwanted ingredients (like salt), offering end-consumers delicious and healthy foods and drinks, produced in a natural way.  

Baking enzymes for organic bread

Baking enzymes for organic bread

Produce organic bread with our portfolio of enzymes

natural and authentic

Add natural flavor

Make products taste as good as homemade food

salt reduction

Reduce salt

Add more taste while reducing salt


Simplify label

Real taste with 100% natural label declaration

Organic apple juice14liggend_web_80

Clarify juice

Produce a crystal clear juice more efficiently

Fruit enzymes_fruit firming_inside_portrait_web_80

Firm up berries & vegetables

Achieve better texture and higher nutritional value

Colored Berry 3_web_80

Extract natural berry color

Benefit from a brighter product that tastes great


Clarify beer

Deliver clear beer by preventing chill haze formation

viscosity small

Enhance sauce viscosity

Thicker, creamer and more consistent egg products

Sandwich bread that stays fresh for longer

Softer bread for longer

Extend softness by up to 21 days

Cake that stays fresh for longer

Softer cake for longer

Prolong moistness and freshness

Baked goods with a better appearance and crumb structure

Improve quality of baked goods

Better bread, cakes & cookies

Creating healthy indulgent desserts

Creating healthy indulgent desserts

Indulgent desserts with less sugar and fat

Natural, authentic dairy for one and all

Natural, authentic dairy for one and all

Meet customer demand for authentic natural dairy

Low sugar, same great taste

Reduce sugar in dairy

Reduce the sugar but keep the natural sweet taste