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Deliver clear beer, all the time

We help you deliver clear beer all the time by preventing chill haze formation in beer and thus offering the chance to even eliminate the cold stabilization process. This improves production consistency and lowers energy costs substantially in environments where energy fall outs are common. By using our Brewers Clarex® enzyme for beer stabilization, brewers can reduce waste and resource usage and maximize their brewing capacity, all whilst delivering the same high quality, stable, clear beer.
Better beer clarity with Brewers Clarex®

Better beer clarity with Brewers Clarex®

Brewers Clarex® helps you prevent chill haze formation in a beer while consistently maintaining the quality of your beer.  It’s cost effective and easy-to-use – integrating seamlessly with your current production processes with no major capital investment needed.

Not only is this beer stabilization solution used by breweries of all sizes worldwide, but it has the seal of approval from respected brewing industry names – like Professor Frank-Jϋrgen Methner, head of the Brewing science chair at the Technical University of Berlin.

Clear beer, in their own words

As Professor Methner states…

“What we found was that Brewers Clarex® on one hand is acting very rapidly, so you can add it during the fermentation process and within a short time you have a very good stabilization effect. On the other hand, we also found that there is no influence on the fermentation in any way, or on the flavour profile - and you still have the same foam properties with the application of Brewers Clarex® compared to other stabilization agents.”

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Brewers Clarex

Beer stabilization technology eliminating cold stabilization process