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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Improve your juice clarification

You can depectinize fruit juice with our fruit processing enzymes to produce a crystal clear product – for example, in apple juice. The result: A better filtration rate with less resistance.
Juice depectinization with DSM enzymes

Juice depectinization with enzymes

Clarifying juice depends heavily on flocculation of the solid particles with complete degradation of the remaining soluble pectin and other colloids as starch – which is precisely what our Rapidase® Smart Clear enzyme provides.

You can add Rapidase simply and continuously at doses ranging from 15 – 30 ppm depending on the concentration of the pre-concentrated juice pumped into your clarification tank. The result: Your juice has far less pectins plus a lower viscosity – key for the filtration process.

Resistant to high temperatures

Thanks to its unique formulation, Rapidase Smart Clear is also more resistant to higher temperatures than other pectinases; while its high concentration of pure endo-polygalacturonase helps increase its speed of action - even at dosages as low as 1g/hL.


Get more juice from your apples

Apples & pears

Enzymes that get more juice from apples and pears



More and better juice with Rapidase


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