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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Pure luxury with less fat and sugar

We associate luxury desserts with full fat cream and luscious sweetness. But in an increasingly health aware world, it is possible to enjoy the same sensory experience without the fat and sugar overload.

Our portfolio of cultures makes it possible to create healthy indulgent dairy dessert alternatives with high-end texture and mouthfeel and maximised natural flavors.

Creamy full bodied yogurt with less fat

  • Full bodied, shiny yogurt
  • Rich texture and creamy melt in the mouth feel
  • The same luxury sensory experience as a product containing 30% more fat

Chocolate flavored yogurt

  • 20% less carbohydrates and 50% less fat than low fat pudding
  • Creamy texture, luxury mouthfeel
  • The sophisticated harmony of chocolate sweetness and mild yogurt sourness
  • Premium chocolate yogurts with a clean label

Yogurt ice cream

  • An innovative yogurt mousse, served frozen as ice cream
  • Low fat, no added sugar
  • A rich creamy scoopable product
  • Pure frozen indulgence





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