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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Enhance sauce viscosity

If you’re looking to improve the viscosity of your mayonnaise then look no further than our egg processing solutions. We can help you produce a thick, creamy and consistent product with great mouthfeel using nature’s thickening agents… enzymes.
Enhance sauce viscosity with Maxapal

Better viscosity in mayonnaise

According to the consumers’ perception, creaminess and long-lasting mouth feel deliver a pleasant sensory experience. Use MAXAPAL® for enzyme-modified egg yolk and the result will be a thicker, creamier dressings or mayonnaise that’s easier to pour and scoop – and tastes good. See for yourself.

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Egg processing

Produce a consistently firm, creamy, high quality product



Achieve firm texture & stability of sauces at high temperatures