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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Easier firming of soft fruits & vegetables

Firming soft fruits and vegetables is easier when you use our enzymes. We can help you maintain the natural shape and feel of the fruit as well increase its nutritional value. In fact in tomatoes, our enzymes can reduce calcium salt by up to 70% - and all with no compromise on taste.
Firm up tomatoes with DSM enzymes

Easy-to-use enzymes

You can use our fruit and vegetable firming enzymes in everything from yoghurts and sauces to baked goods, improving the taste, texture and appearance of fruit pieces while extending shelf life. What’s more, our fruit processing solutions are easy to implement and can be integrated into your production processes with no significant capital investment.

Firming tomatoes

Treating delicate tomato pieces with calcium chloride can improve firmness but at a cost – both in terms of a metallic aftertaste and the fact that this ingredient must be included on the label.

Our pectin methyl esterase enzymes - Rapidase® FP Super or Rapidase® PEP - enable natural calcium chloride replacement in processed tomatoes with a three-fold reduction in calcium salt. Result: A product that tastes better…and is healthier for consumers.


More juice or firmer structure of your vegetables


Improve your vegetable processing and yield


More and better juice with Rapidase


Our leading fruit processing enzyme